Quiz-2 based on Three phase Synchronous machines ,Electrical Engineering ( Subject -ELECTRICAL MACHINES)

Hello students,this is the practice Quiz -2 for You Related with Electrical Machines Subject Hope this is beneficial for your practice work.

1. Practically, most of the alternators prefer which type of construction?

Rotating field type
Rotating armature type
Both are equally important
None of these

2. The prime movers used to drive projected pole type alternator is

Water turbines
I.C. engines
Both (a) and (b)
None of these

3. Which type of rotor is generally used for high speed alternators or turbo alternators?

Salient pole type
projected pole type
Smooth cylindrical type
Both (a) & (b)

4. The generalized expression for emf equation of an alternator is

Eph = 4.44f φ Tph
Eph = 4.44 KcKdf φ E
Eph = 4.44 KcKdfφTph
Eph =4 KcKdf φ Tph

5. Salient pole alternators are best suitable for the application of

Hydro electric power plant
Thermal power plant
Tidal power plant
Nuclear power plant

6. The leakage flux in the armature of alternator makes the armature winding

Inductive in nature
Capacitive in nature
Resistive in nature
All of these

7. The synchronous reactance of an alternator is equal to

Leakage reactance of armature
Armature reaction reactance
Sum of leakage reactance and armature reaction reactance
Difference of leakage reactance and armature reaction reactance

8. The percentage voltage regulation of an alternator is given by

{(Eph – Vph/ Eph) *100}
{(Vph – Eph / Eph)*100}
{(Eph – Vph / V ph)*100}
{(Vph – Eph / V ph)*100}

9. Which method for finding percentage regulation in synchronous machines is called pessimistic method?

E.M.F. method
M.M.F. method
Z.P.F. method
Direct loading method

10. The electrical power output in case of synchronous machine is

Directly proportional to the power angle
Inversely proportional to the power angle
Directly proportional to the square of power angle
None of these